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Paver Driveways

Paver Driveways We’ve been creating beautiful paver driveways for clients in Bay Area cities since 1988. Through the years, we have risen steadily from being a small-time hardscape contractor to one of California’s most reliable names in paver installation. Accordingly, our name has come to signify a tradition of excellent design and unmatched build quality, hence paving the way for countless property owners to realize their dream paver amenities.

Call us today at 415-381-4620 and let us create the paver driveway that you’ve always wanted.

Not Just Any Ordinary Paver Driveway

At Design Interlock, Inc., we take our craft seriously, and we always ensure that our clients get what they deserve. With this, we strive to achieve quality installation when creating paver driveways for private residences and commercial establishments, such as hotels and restaurants.

We make sure that we prepare the site properly through grading, soil compaction, and excavation, if needed. We use appropriate tools and heavy equipment, such as pay loader, excavator, and soil compactor, to make our jobs easier and faster. We also apply the right base materials. Once the site has been prepared, we then start laying each paver block carefully. Afterwards, we apply high grade paver sealant to ensure lasting color and excellent surface quality of the entire paver driveway.

Simply put, we don’t create ordinary paver driveways that others won’t even give a second look at; we install extraordinarily beautiful and sturdy ones that will last a lifetime and provide a host of great benefits.

Eye-Catching Paver Driveway Designs

Paver Driveways Applying the right design or theme is vital to achieving attention-grabbing paver driveways. And here at Design Interlock, Inc., we offer some of the most visually appealing paver driveway designs. From modern appeal to a rustic countryside look, we can provide the designs that clients want for their driveways.

We can assure that the paver design we will recommend to you will complement with the existing design of your home or property. You may choose the patterns, color combination, and theme, and we’ll be the ones to apply them to your paver driveway. No matter how simple or challenging your desired design may be, rest assured that we have the skills and materials to make it a reality.

Only the Best Materials for Your Dream Paver Driveway Paver Driveways Our company believes that in order to offer paver driveways that can last for decades without requiring any major touch-up, we should use only high quality pavers and base materials. Accordingly, we see to it that we use premium pavers from trusted suppliers such as Belgard. The company manufactures world-class paver products that are used for countless property improvement projects in California and elsewhere in the country.

Belgard pavers are favored for their excellent load-bearing strength and timeless appeal. Their offered range of paver products can blend in with existing architecture or design so they won’t appear as an eyesore in your property.

Get Your Dream Paver Driveway Soon

Whether you want a simple driveway or you desire a truly grandiose one, we can surely build it to your specifications. As we’ve done so many times before, we promise to provide you with a one-off paver driveway that will improve your property’s aesthetics and functionality. Please call us soon at 415-381-4620.


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