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Hardscape Maintenance Services in Hillsborough, CA

Hardscape Maintenance Hillsborough, CA The hardscaping on your property adds to the beauty and longevity of the landscaping, but it also requires regular maintenance. If any of the features are damaged, you need to make sure they are repaired on time, and you need experts to handle this job for you.

We at Design Interlock, Inc. are one of the most sought-after companies in the industry and can handle all types of hardscape installations in Hillsborough, CA. We offer customized services and ensure that all the outdoor masonry features we design, and build are in line with your needs. The different services you can opt for include:

Natural Stone Restoration

If you have natural stone elements on your property that are looking dull and dated and want to restore their condition and look, we are the company to call. Our skilled technicians can perform natural stone restoration in Hillsborough, CA, to industry standards. Honing of the natural stones before polishing with the use of various powders, grits, and tools helps us achieve specific, honed finishes based on your needs.

Our team use techniques like short and long strokes, to provide the benefits and appeal that you have in mind. Proper honing helps to make the stone durable and wear-resistant while adding a beautiful texture to the surface. We can also correct any imperfections in the stone, so your installations look as great as the day they were installed.

Storm Damage Repair

After a severe storm, you might notice that some of the paved areas on your property have sunken, and they may require joint stabilization and re-sanding. We offer prompt and reliable storm damage repairs in Hillsborough, CA. Our experts will visit your home or commercial establishment, repair all the damaged pavers, and complete the restoration, cleaning, and sealcoating as needed.

We have the expertise to restore the condition and appearance of your patio deck or driveway, in the best possible way. If there is sinking, we will remove the paver units in that area and grade the space correctly. If any soft spots permit water to seep into the joints, we will fix those issues as well. In case any of the pavers have been damaged beyond repair, we can source similar ones and conduct the replacement.

Synthetic Grass

Perfect landscapes must have well-manicured trees and planting, symmetrically hedges, and colorful flowers. In addition to all the other living features in your landscape, it is also great to have a green and healthy lawn. But the primary downside of having lush lawns is the high maintenance costs. You must pay for regular maintenance as well as water bills. Maintenance of these features is tedious and time-consuming, and the turf needs regular mowing, fertilization aeration, weed control, and more. We offer a much better alternative to natural lawns. We can install synthetic grass lawns in Hillsborough, CA, on any property. With this convenient option, you do not have to be concerned worry about spending time on maintenance.

Our certified hardscape installers will be happy to help with all your natural stone restoration in Hillsborough, CA needs. Call Design Interlock, Inc. today for a free consultation at either of this numbers- 415-381-4620. You can also send us your requests through this Contact Us form, and we will get back to you within a short time.


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