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Grinding, Honing and Polishing For thousands of years, natural stone has been used to build temples, buildings, and concrete structures of lasting beauty. Given the innate aesthetic merits of natural stones, such as granite, sandstone, marble, and the like, it’s no wonder why they are used up to now in dozens of indoor and outdoor applications. And here at Design Interlock, Inc., we specialize in custom stone installation tasks, including grinding, honing, and polishing. We have helped so many Bay Area residents enjoy breathtaking outdoor amenities using the finest natural stone materials available.

You, too, can avail our expert services today so you can complete your property improvement project really soon. Just dial our hotline or visit our Mill Valley office so we can discuss your specific stone installation concerns.

Grinding Stones with Ease

We can perform precise, creative grinding of all types of natural stones – marble, limestone, granite, sandstone, bluestone, and the like. We have the right tools, such as grind and cut discs, flat and cup wheels, vacuum brazed drums, sink wheels, and dia-board discs. These instruments allow us to make exact cuts on stones as per the dimensions that clients need, hence ensuring truly commendable results.

We have skilled crews who can create custom-shaped natural stones for various applications, like countertops, flooring, steps, bathroom pedestals, benches, and many others. We can fashion a natural stone slab into any shape that you need for your desired amenity. Just tell us your needed form or shape, and we will make the perfect stone cuts for you.

Custom Stone Honing

Grinding, Honing and Polishing Our skilled personnel can perform skilled honing of natural stones prior to polishing. We can use various grits, powders, and instruments to achieve specific honed finishes that clients want. Our crews use different techniques, such as long strokes and short strokes, to provide the appeal and benefits that the client has in mind.

Through proper honing, we make any stone wear resistant and durable, aside from giving it nice surface texture. We can also correct imperfections and offer stunning geometrical patterns that will surely delight any onlooker. With us, no request is too simple or too hard to achieve – we will perform the job with professionalism and utmost expertise.

Perfectly Polished Natural Stones

One of our areas of specializations is polishing stones to high luster for that elegant appeal. We can achieve your desired finish using granite, marble, basalt, and bluestone. Our polished stones are perfect for use as tabletops, wall coverings, flooring, and other indoor and outdoor spaces where a reflective, lustrous surface is required.

Reliable Custom Stone Installation

Grinding, Honing and Polishing Having your desired natural stone amenities will be easy when you hire us today. Our grinding, honing, and polishing services are the best that you can avail of. We can complete all these tasks down to the installation phase so you only have to work with one contractor. You can rely on our expertise in custom stone installation to realize your dream outdoor features made of the finest natural stones available.

Please call 415-381-4620 right now for more information on our grinding, honing, and polishing services. We’ll be pleased to know your concerns and offer you our value-for-money custom stone installation solutions.


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